Theatrical Artist, Dancer and Actress
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“Calling in the Divine Feminine” by Fluidgirl, June 2017 Episode 3: The Space of No Space Fluidgirl, Tel Aviv, Nov 2016
Episode Two: Water and Wind Episode One: Creative Ascension White Goddess Blessings by Fluidgirl
About Me

Christine (Chris) Young-Ginzburg, also known in the Hip Hop Dance Community as “Fluidgirl”, is a well-rounded performer.


From Dance, to Acting and her love of Character Development, Chris’s drive to expand her versatility in her performance shines through her will to grow as an individual and artist.


As a previous 6+ year member of the legendary Bay Area dance group Medea Sirkas, renowned for their pioneering of strutting, boogaloo, and the Fillmore dance styles, with experience performing on stage, television, in competition, and in dance instruction, this phenomenal 39 year old performance artist embodies a personality that can only be described as lively.


A veteran dancer and performer, Chris’s repertoire includes Hip Hop Dance styles such as Popping, Waacking, House Dance and Footwork. With training and experience in Physical Theatre, Improv Theatre, Clown, Mime, drawing, spirituality and Holistic Health, Chris displays versatility in her outside interests as well as in her profession proving that she is a well of diversity.


Chris’ current focus is building the company she and her husband created in 2015 called Follow The Trees. Their company is based in sharing stories, myths and ancient history in the realm of Nature. The idea of Follow The Trees is to bring back the idea of sacred theatre where the stories shared and the space provided is a place of healing, contacting the Divine and awakening inspiration in both the performer and audience member. They had a successful premier event in 2015 called “The Voice of the Trees" and are focused on the next show in 2016 called “The Goddess Gaia”. For more information on the events, visit


Chris, Fluidgirl, is a well-rounded artist that exhibits a flexible range that is connected to her Spirit and her heart’s desire to share her drive of artistic performance with the world.

Contact 1 415 513 2476